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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

FREE Friday @ First Ladies National Historic Site

“Partners in Education!”
Stark Parks and the First Ladies National Historic Site

The First Ladies National Historic Site and Stark Parks will partner during the 2012 - 2013 school year to offer area schools uniquely designed full day field trips that focus on history, health and the environment. The program for fall for students K through 5th grade are full day at no charge. In the fall Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! is scheduled for the week of September 17, 2012.

The educational programs make use of interactive puppet shows with live historic characters in a theatrical setting, technology, hiking, live animals, planting, physical exercise and interaction with nature in a natural preserve. Both programs will begin in the morning at the First Ladies National Historic Site in downtown Canton and continue in the afternoon at Exploration Gateway at Sippo Lake Park in Perry Township. Class sizes are limited to 75 and are by reservation only. Call for details and reservations only at (330) 452 – 0876 Ext. 307. Visit our websites at and

***  Please note this is open to the public schools.  I am the very first one registered for the week!!!!  Please join me on Friday, September 21, 2012 at 10AM!!!  If we have enough signed up, we may have our own homeschool group for this session?  They did allow me to sign up my four-year old Preschooler :)

We will need to drive from the First Ladies Museum to Sippo Lake Park. Once registered, they will call to confirm closer to the date.  Also, please bring a lunch as it will go until approx. 2-3PM.  Whatever time the kids will need to back at the public schools to return home.


Education and Research Center 205 S. Market Ave. Canton, Ohio 44702

The First Ladies Museum has their own parking lot between the historic home and the Education Center.

This is going to be a great time....Hope to see you there!!!!




  1. For younger children: I called the First Ladies Museum and they said this is a classroom setting and would not like any disruptions from younger kids, unable to sit still. They mentioned about finding someone to care for the younger children. Or if you are there but caring for younger children in the park, to have someone watch the older children who would be in the class. The class at the 1st Ladies Museum will be about 1 - 1.5 hours.

    Same with the park, it will be an outdoor park classroom, where they may see injured animals being nursed back to health, etc? We have been to the museum before, so they know Stephanie and being four.

  2. For those interested in this event, I was contacted by the First Ladies Museum. They do not have enough interest on Friday yet to hold the workshop. The First Ladies Museum needs more participants on Friday for the workshop to be effective. Many homeschoolers have registered for Wednesday. We have changed our reservation to Wednesday and the museum will notify me if other dates become available. Thank you, Kim

  3. There is still room in tomorrow's workshop (Wed), please contact the First Ladies Museum to reserve space!!!

  4. This was a wonderful event! My daughters and I had a great time. Unfortunately, The First Ladies asked me not to share their events on my blog anymore. After moving the day from Friday to Wednesday. There were 20 kids/moms registered to attend. I was told when I arrived to the event on Wednesday that all 20 had canceled. We were the only ones there. The First Ladies issue was they paid the tech person $55/hour for set up, running the show and the putting things away. They understood illnesses and a broken arm, but from what they said some homeschoolers left a message on Wed that they had decided to do something else and wanted to reschedule. This was the type of event that begged and audience AND audience participation. If you are interested in the First Ladies Museum, please contact them to be put on their mailing list, etc since can I will not able to share their great educational events. Sorry! Kim