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Monday, September 3, 2012

Posts on Yahoo

Hello Fellow Homeschoolers!

For those who are receiving my emails on a regular basis - THANK YOU!  I appreciate all of those who are interested in the same  educational and fun FREE activities that I am.  Also, hoping to meet many of you soon.

Unfortunately, I will not be posting any updates to Yahoo Homeschool groups; I received this complaint:

"Here's the list rule that specifically addresses it:

"If you sell a product of interest to home educators, have a web site that may be of interest, or provide a service, confine  your comments about it (unless directly questioned) to your signature line or profile. Sig lines should be no more than 5 lines. "

You can find the list guidelines here:

I'm sure your website may be of interest to some list members, but I've had some complaints from list members who feel like it's looking a little spammy, so I must defer to the list rules and ask you to keep it in your signature line. "

I am receiving no personal financial gain from my blog.....Advertising is when some receives personal financial gain.  Oh well!  In regards to my posts, there is no difference if I take the content and put it in an email or put a link to my blog that has the SAME information?  The blog makes the information neat and no need to scroll down to see all the information posted.
Yes, as usual, there is usually one or two people who spoil it for the majority.  I am sorry this has come to be, but it is so.  So, please if you see something of interest that you think other homeschoolers may enjoy or benefit from, please pass along the link to my blog.  You will not see me posting as much on Yahoo anymore as some people may not be interested in what I offer.  I am here to HELP other homeschoolers who would be interested in these opportunities along with me!!!

Thank you for understanding.



  1. Thank you for posting these events as I plan on going to a few of them. I would never have heard of them and might have missed a fun learning opportunity. I appreciate the efforts you put in to letting other homeschoolers know about different events going on. Don't let a few get you down because I am sure there are more who appreciate your information than not. Thanks again. Terri

  2. Dear Terri,

    Thank you for commenting. I try to post events that would be great for most ages and a variety of subjects. It is a blessing to share this information with others. We like to expose our children to a variety of of topics, cultural, music, etc. My goal is that there will be something on my blog that everyone can enjoy and find value in. I appreciate your encouragement.