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Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Institute for Cultural Communicators

The Mission of the
Institute for Cultural Communicators

Would you like to develop your child's speech skills?  I am interested in my children being able to learn speech and leadership skills and this is a great opportunity for children as young as six to begin training! to equip Christians to shape the future through authentic leadership and cultural communication.
Since its beginnings in 1997, ICC has grown from an annual Communicators for Christ tour into an organization offering a variety of programs, events and teaching materials designed to help all Christian students, from all educational backgrounds - public, private and home - become "cultural communicators"--people who can impact their culture through excellent communication of the truth. Our goal is to provide support and guidance to Christian schools, churches, and community education programs as together we train well-rounded communicators.
Our goal is to provide support and guidance to Christian schools, churches, and community education programs as together we train well-rounded communicators.

We have developed a three-tiered approach to coaching cultural communicators:
1. We train students to become cultural communicators.
2. We assist parents to guide cultural communicators.
3. We equip teachers to develop cultural communicators.
Nationally recognized ICC-trained young instructors are peer mentors in bringing essentialpractical, relevant and powerful communications training to cities all across the country.
Our unique structure enables us to reach even the most reluctant of students and inspire them to accept the challenge of becoming an effective communicator.
Through the Institute for Cultural Communicators and its various training programs, students have been empowered to act now.

A few ways in which our youth have made a difference:
Our youth have been able to make a difference in so many ways! Just a few of which are through:
-Generating support to stop genocide in Darfur.
-Raising awareness to help bring a stop to human trafficking.
-Leading speech classes in private and public schools.
-Increasing public awareness about political issues that affect youth.
-Building bridges with community leaders.
ICC offers numerous resources and training opportunities for parents, teachers and students. Brief descriptions of a few of them are included here. Additional literature used in event promotion is attached.

Communicators for Christ Tour Conferences
Even though good communication skills are vital to their success, many students (and most parents!) are still terrified of giving a speech. CFC conferences use ICC’s Christ-centered curriculum to train students in oral and written communication, teamwork, and problem solving through action packed, interactive, fun filled labs and activities.
Parents and teachers participate in coaching sessions, gaining tools for training Christian communicators and leaders. ICC conferences help students see past their fear in a non-threatening, encouraging environment where everyone has a chance to succeed, regardless of their level of experience speaking in public.
 Students aged 6-10 do a curriculum called "Beginning Public Speaking" by Teresa Moon, taught by student leaders; students aged 11-18 participate in "Young Speakers Guild." Chapter meetings are run by student leaders. ICC is actually a student leadership program which uses the vehicle of public speaking to equip students to impact their peers. Students are able to "climb" the student leadership ladder by progressing through Young Speakers Guild and taking on specific responsibilities at events. Chapters impact their communities by speaking to various community groups as a chapter and as individuals. Students become confident through the mentorship of their peers, the student leaders.

There are two Chapters that meet in the Cleveland area, one in Shaker Heights:

Monday evenings, please contact Kerie at

and Newbury / Mayfield Heights:

Tuesday afternoons, please contact Denise at

to learn more about when and where they meet.

***  There will be a presentation as the ICC intern team passes through Cleveland, I know they will be doing at least one add-on presentation:

 Cornerstone Christian Academy in Willoughby, OH on Monday, October 15, 2012  8:20-11:30am.

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