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Monday, October 29, 2012

Seder Meal 2013?

Dear Homeschoolers!

I am interested in offering a Seder Meal on my blog.  I am trying to coordinate with someone I know that is amazing and has done Seder Meals for her family for 20+ years and at a Christian school as well.  I have seen her present a Seder Meal and it was fascinating the symbolism between Judaism and Christianity.  This is not any type of commitment, just getting an idea of how many kids would be interested.  Easter is Sunday, March 31, 2013.  We would be looking at probably sometime in March for the meal.  Also, I am looking for a church that would offer space for us, preferably in the Brecksville/Independence/Fairlawn area.  

As always, thank you!  Looking to provide the best possible events, activities and parties for you!!!!

In Christ,



  1. We are still searching for a church to host our event. If you know of one that would be interested, please let me know....thank you!!!

  2. Please stay tuned, it looks like we will be able to enjoy the tour of the museum, Synagogue and enjoy a Seder Meal ALL on the same day and one wonderful program!!!

    What is a Seder Meal?

    This will not be a full meal just the symbolic elements, such as grape juice, matzo, etc...the symbolism between Judaism and Christianity is amazing and really represented during a Seder Meal. Looking forward to sharing this experience with you :)