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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Art at the Lavender Farm

Ohio Lavender Festival presented by DayBreak Lavender Farm

Let's enjoy a lovely summer afternoon in the garden with a picnic lunch, hike, etc....Lavender is one of my favorite flowers, one of many!!!  I think scents make some flowers even more beautiful than their blooms?

DATE:  Thursday, July 18, 2013


ADDRESS:  DayBreak Lavender Farm
                   2129 Frost Rd., Streetsboro, OH 44241

COST:  (minimal) Depends on the number of families participating - 5 families, $5 per family, etc

# of Participants:  around 20 children for her to work with comfortably

This day we will focus on painting the lavender fields.  Our art teacher recommends pastels, (watercolors or colored pencils work too).  Also, a package of pastel paper, families can share (available at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, etc).  Please bring something sturdy for the kids to put on their lap (drawing board, masonite, etc).  Any questions, please let me know.  Please note, there are no public restrooms at the lavender farm.
DayBreak is a family affair run by husband and wife team Jody Byrne and Michael Slyker, DayBreak's Lavender Field is open to the public Wednesday - Saturday from Noon until 5. And on Sundays from Noon until 4. At DayBreak visitors can …
  1. PICNIC next to DayBreak’s 2-acre pond! Or in the lavender field. Or find a secluded glen in the woodland area. FREE!
  2. PAINT & PHOTOGRAPH Artists love DayBreak. Do a Monet! Set up your oils, pastels or water colors and capture an Ohio lavender field. Early morning, sunrise or sunset photo sessions are happily arranged. FREE!
  3. RECONNECT with nature. The farm boasts every natural ecological system there is except a mountain and a desert.
      Lavender Fields
  5. LEARN & DISCOVER how to grow, groom and harvest your own lavender! At 2:00 pm every day Michael Slyker will lead an interactive workshop on Growing Lavender In NorthEast Ohio. FREE!
  6. EARN A JUNIOR NATURALIST CERTIFICATE! Fantastic for kids of all ages, DayBreak has designed a Junior Naturalist Program to encourage conservation among our youth. Kids identify and collect 10 common specimens from the farm’s diverse micro-environments and they receive a “suitable-for-framing” DayBreak Junior Naturalist Certificate. FREE!
PICK A FRESH LAVENDER BOUQUET! Enter the lavender field, take a deep breath and it’s clear that it’s bloomtime! And that means lavender bouquet picking time is here! Visitors can walk the lavender field and compose their own bouquet from 13 varieties of lavender. Or they can choose from farm-fresh bouquets in small, medium and large sizes. Bouquets range from $5 - $15 depending on size.


June 15 – August 15
Farm Hours: Wednesday – Saturday from Noon 'til 5p.m.
Sunday from Noon – 4p.m.
DayBreak Lavender Farm is located at 2129 Frost Road, Streetsboro, OH
Click here for a map and directions to the farm.

Please RSVP to Kim at with questions or interest in joining us by July 14, 2013!  Thank you!!!

"May my teaching drop as the rain, my speech distill as the dew, like gentle rain upon the tender grass, and like showers upon the herb."   Deuteronomy 32:2

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  1. We have openings for about 6 more children. There are five families participating at this time, if you are interested, please email me ASAP for this Thursday workshop.