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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Viva Italia! - "Piece-a Pizza & more"

Buon Giorno Amicas!

The food……the good, the delicious and the really???  Just about every meal we had in Italia we enjoyed!  
Prima colazione aka breakfast was pretty standard - cappuccino, blood red oranges/juice, chocolate croissants, etc, yes, life was rough :)  I came home craving all three of those items :)
Regular orange juice and Blood Red Orange juice

So many restaurants offered al fresco dining - nice!!!  Love my husband's t-shirt.  It actually says Rusyn, from part of our heritage (Carpatho-Rusyn from the Carpathian Mountains in Slovakia).  The Cleveland Botanical Gardens has a garden dedicated to us :)  If you notice on my first post, hubby's jacket (Faconal on the back) is French, so people were talking to him in French - Merci'!  He confused everyone - is he Russian? French? etc...

My love for all things lemon, yes we have a Meyer Lemon tree we bring in each winter :)

 We really enjoyed this dish!!!
REALLY????  You said what?
Eating in Italia is not what you would expect, when you sit down at a ristorante, there is a sit down charge, so only a couple times did we do that.  Also, there is no free water with your meal, only purchased bottled water.  Bread is another story, they will bring bread to your table like we do in the US, but then a charge will show up on your bill - really???

Our favorite lunch place in Florence, Forno, this dish is called Sfoglia - yum!!!!  Kinda like quiche, and we ate there a couple of times.  The place was packed, reasonable and fast!

Manga!!!  Italia is a feast for the eyes :)

In Venice, yes, eat what is fresh - fresh caught seafood

Through the University he received per diem, but to 
make things economical, we would purchase fresh fruit 
to enjoy as a healthful snack :)

Now, drum roll please……the Pizza!  My friend who had visited Italy many years ago, mentioned to try their pizza.  I will say, the United States revolutionized the food so many enjoy today!  When I say ham pizza, what do you envision?  When I say sausage pizza, what are you visualizing?  Hit reformat hard drive.  The crust was really great and when we returned home we tried to replicate it and hubby comes pretty close.  Maybe you have been over and enjoyed our version?  Ok, now are you as shocked as we were?

Sausage Pizza - hotdog?

Ham Pizza

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see."  Hebrews 11:1

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