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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Book Club

Dear Homeschoolers!

I am interested in starting a book club.  The books would be the Ponytail Girls book series!  They are geared for 4th grade and up, but I think for homeschoolers 2nd grade?  The books have questions and activities for the girls, so it would be an interactive group.  For the Christmas book it talks about going Christmas caroling, which we already do :)  Here is the book's website to check out:

I would like to limit to about 10-12 children for our home.  Maybe meeting twice a month?  We can always increase the meeting times, if the kids show interest.

If your family would be interested, please let me know which days and times work best for your family if you think your children would be interested:

Tuesdays or Thursdays 6:30PM or 7PM, beginning in Sep/Oct.  I may be interested in offering this to a co-op as well?  Thank you!  As always, please email me at

"Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance,"  Proverbs 1:5


  1. If interested in joining us, please email me by August 22nd, so we may include you in our homeschool planning :) All will need to check out books from the library or purchase if interested. Thank you for your consideration!!!

  2. I am thinking Tuesdays around 3 or 4PM, maybe potluck dinner and then the Summit Metroparks hikes for the Spree! Please join us for one or all :) Any questions, please let me know.