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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Looking for a New Dentist?

Hi All!

I just have to share our dentists as they are most loved and worth the gasoline :)  Maybe they will be closer for you???


Dr. Laura Adelman
9964 Vail Drive, Twinsburg
(330) 425-1885

WHY???  Besides being highly talented and knowledgeable, keeping parents in the dental process, fantastic staff, having a beautiful office, she offers some great things for the kids, such as an Annual Patient Appreciation Day at Patterson Farms and the photo is from her 10th anniversary party she hosted for her patients!!  It was a glow bowling party, buffet of food, laser maze and more, such FUN!!!!
Our one child has had so much dental work and needed braces at the age of seven???  It is great to be able to have faith in our health providers.  We have a relationship with her that we give each other hugs, just like Olaf in "Frozen" :)  She is top-notch, everyone will be HAPPY!  We're SO Happy and love her :)


Dr. Daina Matas
7650 Chippewa Road, #208, Brecksville
(440) 526-1422

Daina, or Dr. Matas as you would probably call her, is completely hands on in the chair.  She is so sweet and takes the best care of her patients.  Rather than saying you need a filling she will offer homeopathic remedies if things can be reversed :)


Dr. John White
89 1st Street, #209, Hudson
(330) 650-1660

When our Pediatric Dentist told us she wanted us to visit an Orthodontist, I was surprised.  Knowing how our child's teeth were I was not totally shocked, but only being seven, I began recollecting my days of braces.  Now our child who was so much younger may be going through the process I felt a little uneasy.  Visiting Dr. White for our consultation, we saw all the issues ahead of us and what he and his staff would be able to do for our child.  Even after only a few months we have seen such a difference!

I feel confident recommending him to other families and think your children would be happy patients.  He is also an instructor at Case Western Reserve Dental School!  His staff is amazing, connected immediately to one of the ladies working there :)

"Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well."  3 John 1:2


  1. I have to admit, our dental team is amazing, awesome and astounding!!!! The kids have most awesome Pediatric Dentist ever!!!! Their dentist usually gives me a hug, we have a great relationship and know she will only do what is necessary, when it is necessary. The dentist also provides outings for their patients and their families (Patterson Farm each year) and this year to celebrate their 10 year anniversary they are hosting a GLOW BOWLING Party for their patients and their families - YES!!!! Become a patient and receive awesome care and fun activities :) Please tell them "Kim Lucak" sent you!

  2. Great time with the kids' dentist today!!! Saw a few friends from Cuyahoga Valley Church :) Their dentist celebrated her 10th anniversary with a HUGE party for her patients......bowling rocks!!! Laser maze, food, video games, photos, DJ and airbrush painting too. Thank you Dr. Laura - This family loves you.....Cannot wait for Patterson Farms and seeing our friends again!!! Would you like to join us by becoming a patient?

  3. Love our dentists and orthodontist to pieces!!! I was amazed by Dr. Laura when I mentioned our church was collecting dresses for Tim Tebow's "Night to Shine" event we are hosting and she said she would be excited, willing and happy to help collect dresses for us! Well, I thought she would mention it to her staff, no, she went full blown with posting on her Facebook page and sent an email requesting donations! How COOL is that? Our team of dental professionals are a blessing to our family and to so many others!!! You will fall in LOVE with them just as we have :)