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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Purim Party!


Please join us as we collaborate with Stacey again to learn about another Jewish holiday!!!

Purim is a Jewish holiday celebrated on the 14th of the Hebrew month of Adar.  It is based on the writings of the book of Esther.  The story of Purim is written in a separate scroll called The Megillah (or the Scroll of Esther).  It is a story of courageous Jews standing up Haman and foiling his plot to kill all the Jews of Persia.  The holiday is very festive and includes feasts, costume parties and special treats called Hamantaschens.  In fact, having a festive meal is one of the keys to celebrating the holiday!  The others are hearing the reading of the Megillah, giving assistance to the poor (food or money) and bringing food gifts to friends.

The program will begin with a question and answer session by Rabbi Schlein (and a tour of the bema and ark).  Then we will make gregors, a noisemaker, that kids use during the reading of the Megillah.  Afterwards, the kids can use them during the reading of the Story of Esther.  We will finish by enjoying Hamantaschens (a yummy pastry shaped like Haman's hat) - YUM!!!!

DATE:  Friday, February 20, 2015

TIME:  12:30PM - 2PM

LOCATION:  The Temple Tifereth Israel, 26000 Shaker Boulevard, Beachwood  (next to the Maltz Museum)

COST:  $5/student --- $2/adult  This will cover materials to make the gregors, 1-2 Hamantaschens/person and a small donation to the Temple.

Afterwards, please join us at the Beachwood Library for a showing of the VeggieTales movie, "Esther....the Girl Who Became Queen"!

Please email Kim at to register your family by February 13, 2015 so Stacey may have enough for everyone!!!  Thank you and looking forward to seeing you :)

"Esther's decree confirmed these regulations about Purim, and it was written down in the records."  Esther 9:32


  1. I will be providing a final count on Friday, so please email Kim if interested in joining us!!! Looking forward to seeing everyone :)

  2. If you would like to join us, the rate has been reduced for children to $4 and there have been 6 cancellations. Please email me, thanks a bunch! Cannot wait :)

  3. Hi. My name is Staci and got this forwarded by a friend who often joins you on field trips. If there is still space I would love to come along. I have an 8,7,4 and 2 year olds.

    1. Hi Staci, I am thrilled you are interested....Please email me Depending on the weather, we may need to cancel or postpone. I will be emailing everyone this evening with an update. Thank you!

  4. Due to the frigid temps, we are trying to reschedule this event. Sorry for any inconvenience. If interested in joining us for the soon to be determined rescheduled date, please email me. Thank you!

  5. Rescheduled date: Friday, February 27, 2015 at 12:30PM. If you would like to join us, please email me - Thank you!!!

  6. Would you like to join us? It is not too late to let me know - FUN!!!!