Thursday, October 18, 2018

Parents Magazine Article & Interview

Greetings Friends!

Just thought I would share the October issue of Parents Magazine?  They had an article on alternative schooling methods, including homeschooling!  It was a surprise when I was contacted to share our reasons and methods of homeschooling :)  We were one of several families interviewed.  I was so blessed and excited to share our family's input!  My interview was an hour long which was really FUN and I did not realize how much information I had to share until I got off the phone and looked at the time that had passed!!!  If you would like to read what Parents' Magazine wrote, I have included the link to the article, pages 18-19.  You should be able to access by clicking

I pray this article and the information included is a blessing to you and to families interested in homeschooling their children.  Praying your year is going well and that JOY fills your home(school)!!!



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